Entering the Silver State 508

Plus Gear, Waiver Forms, and Other Info!

Thank you for your interest in competing in "The Toughest 48 Hours in Sport!"

The 2015 Silver State 508 will take place Saturday-Monday, September 19-21, based in Reno, NV. Registration will open on Monday, March 9, 2015. Anyone who wants to race is encouraged to enter the race. There are no prerequisites to enter, though we do reserve the right to reject any solo applicant who doesn't seem to have the necessary credentials.

Requirements for the New Self-Supported Randonneur Division

Solo applicants who wish to race in the self-supported Randonneur Division (without support crew) must meet one or more of the following pre-requisities:

• Prior Solo 508 finish in less than 40 hours, or comparable 500-mile event.

• Prior Paris-Brest-Paris, or comparable, in less than 80 hours.

• Official finish of a Super Randonneur Brevet Series (200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km) in one calendar year, in the past several years. Alternatively, official finish of three double centuries and a 600km brevet, in the past several years. Note: the 600km must be completed in less than 34 hours.

• Official finish of the Race Across America as a soloist.

• Other significant ultra cycling / self-supported endurance cycling experience, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Entry fees are non-transferable, but are 50% refundable until August 1.

Entry fees are:

  • Solo: $550
  • Solo Randonneur (no support crew; self-supported): $595. We will provide water at each time station (4 locations, passed a total of 7 times), and provide personal drop bag delivery to every time station. In addition, there will be a motel room or two in Eureka (the race turn-around) for Solo Randonneurs riders to nap or shower. Additionally, for Solo Randonneurs only, we will have an extra checkpoint with water and motel room at Middlegate Station, located at mile 121.20 (Stage 3) and mile 389.95 (Stage 6).
  • Tandem: $990
  • 2X Team: $990
  • 4X Team or Two Tandem Team: $1700
  • 4 Tandem Team: $2600

Rider Substitution Fee: $50 (For any approved rider swaps on 2x and 4x teams). Rider swaps are heavily discouraged. If your team must swap a rider, please contact us to inquire about how to complete the process. Also, please note that not all Rider Substititions are guaranteed acceptance. Your team, if it is selected for the race, is selected based upon the rider bios submitted in the original team application. Therefore, rider substitutions must be approved, are not guaranteed, and may lead to rejection of the entire team.

Team and Tandem Entries: Please note that we need complete application information for every rider, so be prepared to submit a complete application for each rider simultaneously (that means one person will submit all the info on behalf of all riders).

Totems: We use animal totems rather than numbers to identify racers in the Silver State 508. Each racer may request, or will receive, an animal totem as part of the application process. Returning racers will have the same totems as before. New riders may request a specific animal totem when they submit their entry form, however only Chris Kostman can officially assign animal totems, following a special ritual ablution and spiritual practice. Totems, whether nickname, mascot, alter ego, second identity, or spirit guide, are permanent and non-transferable. For more info on totems and which totems are already taken, click here.

JERSEYS AND GEAR (2014 edition depicted above)

All 2015 508 official finishers will be awarded a FREE jersey at the finish line in Reno, NV, so 2015 entrants should be sure to specify their correct size on their 2015 application. Click here to see 508 jersey designs from throughout history!

Note: As of 2013, we use PACE Sportswear "Euro Race Cut" jerseys, proudly made in Orange County, CA by long-time friends of ours. (PACE produced the jerseys for this race in its early years and was one of the very first companies to sponsor ultra cycling and ultra cyclists. We are excited and pleased to be working with them again, and to be awarding jerseys Made Locally and Made In The USA to all 508 finishers.) Please review the CHEST measurement on the following Size Chart to confirm your size. Be sure to request the appropriate size (check the CHEST measurement only), as that size is what you will receive if you finish!


Registration opens on March 1 and closes on August 24, or more likely much sooner once the field limit of 250 entrants is reached.

Step One: All 2015 Silver State 508 entrants must complete the online application (available via the link at the bottom of this page). You will need to tell us about the following:

  • Your ultracycling, and ultrasports, experience, demonstrating that are a resonalbe candidate for this event, for the category you wish to enter.
  • Your specific experience with Silver State 508 or Furnace Creek 508 or in the past (if any), as a racer, crew member, or race staff. If you are applying as a relay team, having at least one 508 veteran on your team is encouraged, but not required.
  • Your contributions to the sport of ultracycling: event organizer, support crew experience, journalist, sponsor, and the like, if any.

Step Two: Once you submit your registration, you are IN THE RACE. However, we will review your application to confirm that you are qualified to enter. If we deem you are not qualified to enter, we will cancel and refund your entry immediately (BikeReg service charges are NOT refundable, so you accept the risk of losing said fees if you attempt enter the race without reasonable, relevant experience. Generally speaking, only solo applicants are sometimes turned away, not relay applicants.)

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Additionally, due to permit, safety, and operational restrictions that limit the field to approximately 250 entrants, we apologize now that some qualified applicants may not be accepted. We appreciate your understanding if you are not able to race this year. If that's the case, we encourage you to support another racer in the event as this race could not go on without dedicated and competent support crews.

Step Three: Mail us the hard copy of the Personal Waiver Form. Please TYPE all information on the pages while it is open in your computer, then sign it before mailing it to the race office with the relevant fee, unless you paid the fee online. Fees may be paid by check or money order only, payable to AdventureCORPS; sorry, no credit cards unless you pay in that manner through BikeReg during the registration process. You will have a limited time to submit the paperwork to AdventureCORPS in order to secure your spot on the race roster. If your paperwork and/or fee is not received promptly, you will forfeit your opportunity to compete.

Step Three: Click here to sign up for our @adventurecorps Twitter feed and click here to "like" the Facebook page for The 508. Follow our feeds on Instagram, too: @adventurecorps and @BadwaterHQ and @RokkorPro

Step Four: Each of your crew members must complete sign the Personal Waiver Form prior to the race, so print one for each of your crew members. Please bring them as one set of waivers when you attend Racer Check-In. (Do not mail them to us in advance.)

Step Five (not mandatory): We encourage, but do not require, you to click here to submit an online donation to Challenged Athletes Foundation, the Official Charity of AdventureCORPS and this event in particular. It will go a long way for a good cause and will mean a lot to me personally. Also, you may choose to become a fund-raiser for CAF and dedicate your 508 participation to CAF. It's a great cause and fun to do! For more info on why you should support CAF or how you can race on behalf of CAF, click here.

Step Six: Study the rules, organize your support crew well, and train hard!

THE APPLICATION (Registration opened on March 1, 2015):

Submit your Silver State 508 application via BikeReg.

Note: If you prefer to pay by check - and thus avoid the BikeReg surcharge - use Coupon Code PAYBYCHECK when submitting your application, then mail us your check within seven days. Your application is not final until your entry fee is received.