Classic Bike Category

Begun in 2008, in honor of the race's 25th anniversary, this race features the Classic Bike Category. The requirements to enter this division, which will be a sub-division of ANY 508 division, whether solo, tandem, or 2x / 4x relay, will be to race on technology from 1983 or older.

Michael Secrest and Kitty Goursolle, champions of the original Furnace Creek 508 (AKA John Marino Open), in 1983.

Classic Bike Division Rules

  • The frame and fork must be lugged steel (but built in ANY year, including brand new). Yes, we know that aluminum bikes existed before 1983, as well as fillet-brazed steel...
  • No more than six cogs on the rear wheel.
  • 32 spokes per wheel minimum.
  • Friction shifting on the down-tube or bar-ends (must be true friction shiters; not clickables set in friction mode).
  • Toe clips and straps.
  • Standard drop bars required; no aero bars.

Classic Bike riders may switch to a "modern" bike in the "standard bike" category during the race, then complete the race on the "modern" bike, provided that they or their crew notifies an official as soon as possible; they will then be treated as having ridden the entire event on the "modern" bike.

Just to be clear, the frame and parts don't have to actually be 25 or more years old—just the technology has to be 1983 or older. Of course "style points" will be awarded to those whose entire bike, other than the obvious—tyres, cables, chain, brake pads, etc—are from 1983 or older!